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5 months ago

The Slater Family Network Foundation is a non-profit family center. Our service is free and confidential for all residents of the Bangor Area School District. We provide resources, referrals, and programs. SFN is grant, community, private and school district funded.   

Resources for: food - on site Emergency Food pantry 
Clothing—on site Clothes Closet for children's and teen's clothing
Assistance with housing 
Assistance with employment 
Assistance with health insurance 
Free limited dental care for adults  
Free Mental Health Counseling for adults and children 
Free limited Vision Care for adults 
School Supplies 
Holiday Meals and Gifts and much more…………   
Call our office at 610-599-7019. The office is located behind the Bangor High School adjacent to the Paine Theater.  Walk up the gravel path to the trailers.  The office is in the trailer on the left.
Our hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-2pm. Please call for an appointment.

For Your Information

2 months ago

SLATER FAMILY NETWORK HAS MOVED!  WE ARE LOCATED BEHIND THE BANGOR HIGH SCHOOL ADJACENT TO THE PAINE THEATER. Park in the lot and walk up the gravel driveway to the two trailers.  Our office is in the trailer on the left.  If you have ambulatory issues, please drive up near the trailers.

Come support Slater Family Network and enjoy a good meal on Tuesday, December4, 2018 at The Slate in Pen Argyl.  The proprietors will donate 20% of the day's profit to Slater Family Network.  Their hours of operation are 11 a.m. until Midnight.


Back Pack Buddies – food program for all students Kindergarten through Grade 12 who are food insecure on the weekends and during the summer.  A back pack with 10-15 pounds of non- perishable food and beverage is sent home with the student on Fridays. This program is offered to ALL students.  Students in grades 4-12 are able to take the pack home on the bus every Friday.  Students in grades K-3 may not be able to manage the pack as well as their school supplies.  For those students, parents are welcome to pick up the packs on Friday in the SFN office or for the Washington Elementary students, in the Washington school's office. For more information and to register please call our office at 610-599-7019.

JOBS AND JOB RELATED WORKSHOPS- check the Career Link website  for information on upcoming job fairs at

 Slater Family Network Emergency Food Pantry – for Slate Belt area residents (BASD and Pen Argyl School District). The pantry operates in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank. Families in need of food on an emergent basis may access the pantry. This is NOT a regular use food bank. Please call our office if you are in need of emergency food.

PLEASE NOTE:  because of space limitations, we will be phasing out our adult clothes in the SFN Clothes Closet.  If you would like to make an appointment to get some clothing please do so.



 We welcome children to accompany parents when visiting SFN but parents are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE to watch their children, keep them out of harm's way and be respectful to the SFN staff and offices.

Slater Family Network has resources, referrals and the ability to assist families and individuals with health insurance and Northampton County assistance programs. Please call our office for details. 

 Slater Family Network has resources, referrals and the ability to assist families and individuals with services for older adults.  Please call our office for details.

 SFN has a Mental Health Counseling grant for qualifying children and adults. The grant from Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation provides free, confidential counseling for eligible families. Please call us for details.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Rosemary Kocher for hers many years of service as the SFN Governing Board President. Her knowledge and leadership has enabled us to accomplish our mission.  She will remain on the board for three more years as a governing member.

We welcome Nathan Strouse as the new Governing Board President.  He has been on the board for a few years and is looking forward to taking on the challenge of president.



November/December 2018



Programs 2018-2019

5 months ago

Back Pack Buddies - program for food insecure families to assist with food on weekends and in the summer.  Please call our office for details and to register.

 Emergency Food Pantry - for Slate Belt Residents.  This program is operated in conjunction with the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Please call for details and hours of operation.

Two Rivers Mental Health Grant – available for qualifying adults/children to provide free mental health counseling.  Call our office for details.

 Holiday Giving – assistance with holiday gifts and a meal available to qualifying families. Children age 2- 12 are served. Applications will be available on line and in the SFN office beginning on October 8.

 Clothes Closet - gently used clothing for children and teens.  Call the office for an appointment.

For health services such as St. Luke's Dental Van, Vision Van or Medical Van please contact the Community School Director, Deborah Bowman at the DeFranco Elementary School- 610-599-7013 ext. 3704

About SFN & Annual Report

2 months ago

Slater Family Network is a 501C3 non profit family center serving the residents of the seven municipalities comprising the Bangor Area School District.  SFN was established in August 2000.  Our offices are located behind the Bangor High School, adjacent to the Paine Theater and open Monday-Friday from 8am - 2pm. Summer hours vary, please call, 610-599-7019.


Slater Family Network is governed by its own board of directors:


President: Nathan Strouse

Vice President:  Peggy Reimer

Treasurer:  Cheryl A. Melnick

Secretary:  Scott E. Miller

BASD LIASON:  Braden Hendershot

Karen Barr

Gary Barraco -Interim Member

Erin Hetu

Sandra Hilliard

Rosemary Kocher

Todd Nemura

Peggy Reimer

Nathan Strouse

Phyllis Sutton


Our mission is to provide resources, referrals, and programs to empower families in need in the Bangor Area School District.


Staff 2018-2019

Bridget Pruett, Executive Director

Cathi Saveri, Senior Caseworker

Patti Miller, Caseworker

Marilyn Wolf, Food Access Manager

End of Year Report 2017-2018

Slater Family Network

“Rock Solid Support”


Annual Report

July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018


Our mission is to provide resources, referrals and programs to empower families in need in the

 Bangor Area School District.


Our vision is that Slater Family Network will become the center that bridges the gap between residents’ needs and

community services.


Families Served:       95 new families (full intake, multiple visits, unduplicated)

                                     1690 open, active case management families



Bangor Community

Bangor Area School District

Designated Donors from United Way Campaign

Donations, Fund Drives & Memorials

Northampton County Children & Youth Division

Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation

United Way Greater Lehigh Valley




Executive Director:  Bridget Pruett

Caseworkers:  Catherine Saveri and Patricia Miller

Food Access Manager:  Marilyn Wolf








Board of Directors:

Executive Board

Rosemary Kocher, President

Peggy Reimer, Vice President

Cheryl Melnick, Treasurer

Scott Miller, Secretary

Braden Hendershot, BASD Liaison


Other members:

Karen Barr

Sandy Hilliard

Rosemarie Lister

Peggy Reimer

Nathan Strouse

Phyllis Sutton





8th Annual “912” Scholarship in loving memory of Denny Strouse. 

·         2 - $1,000 scholarships awarded to Jacob Happel and Jaclyn Hess


12th Annual Silent Auction –over 100 baskets & gifts were auctioned.  Proceeds were $7,000 and used in the Slater Family Network Emergency Fund to assist local families in need.


13th Annual Slater Family Network Scholarship

·         $2,000 awarded to Icis Johnson.


Backpacks & School Supplies – donated by local churches, community members and SFN

  • 60 families (120 students) served with backpacks filled with supplies, distributed in August 2017 and throughout the school year


Backpack Buddies - in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank.  Qualifying students go home every Friday with a backpack filled with food and beverages for their consumption over the weekend.  The families served are those who are food insecure. The program primarily served students in grades 4-12 and continues through the summer.

  • 89 students for academic year
  • 52 students registered for Summer 2017



Clothes Closet – SFN on-site closet provided clothing, shoes, small household items and blankets for families. 

  • 322 families served, 10% of clients made multiple visits
  • Bangor Boutique – SFN Clothes Closet annex located at Bangor High School serving students with school appropriate clothing, casual clothes, shoes, handbags and Prom attire
    • Over 1000 students visited the Boutique during the academic year



EASB –Episcopal Apartments of the Slate Belt in Washington Township, low income housing for older adults – one of our caseworkers provides on-site service coordination.  The residents are assisted with needs ranging from assistance with paperwork, prescription plans, transportation, visiting nurse care, and more.

  • 674 visits were logged to Service Coordinator


Emergency Food Bank – SFN is a site for the residents of the Slate Belt to receive emergency food.  This program is in collaboration with Second Harvest Food Bank and the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley.  Non-perishables and meat are provided through SHFB.  Milk is available on occasion as well as bread, fresh vegetables and fruit.  A local family provides fresh eggs for the pantry.

  • 267 families used the pantry
  • 512 adults served
  • 469 children served
  • 27 older adults served


Free Dental Care for Adults – in collaboration with Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation.  Clients are seen at the Northampton Dental Initiative Clinic in downtown Easton.  Adults who are low income, do not have dental insurance and are unable to pay for dental care are assisted with up to $500 in dental care per year.

  • Program not needed this past fiscal year


Holiday Giving – holiday gifts for children age 2 through age 12, full meal and even holiday decorations provided.  Many collaborators including the Bangor Elks, Bangor Elementary PTO, BASD staff, local churches, Bangor Women’s Club, Ladies Fire Auxiliary, STA Staff and community members.  Benefactors provide the gifts and a meal for families in need.

  • 96 families served with gifts for children and meals
  • Bangor Elks delivered 35 holiday food baskets to families
  • Keller Williams Realty, Bangor Jacksonian Club, Ladies Fire Auxiliary, Bangor Women’s Club, local churches, Bangor HS Clubs and individual community members provided turkeys and other holiday meal items



Thanksgiving Baskets –baskets were provided for local, low income families complete with turkey and all the trimmings.  A local real estate agency, Keller Williams, provided baskets and delivered them to families.

  • 74 baskets total from Keller Williams, local churches, Bangor HS Clubs, Bangor Women’s Club, Ladies Fire Auxiliary and individual community members
  • Grace United Methodist Church prepared and delivered fully prepared meals to 4 clients


Keller Williams Real Estate Agency also provided Easter bags for the Back Pack Buddies Program.


Two Rivers Mental Health Grant – in collaboration with the Two Rivers Health & Wellness Foundation and A Healing Path Counseling, mental health counseling was provided for a minimal co-pay for individuals/families that do not have mental health insurance, have a high deductible or do not have the ability to pay for care. 

  • 35 families/individuals served






















Local Food Banks/Pantries

about 1 year ago



PUMP Portland Upper Mt. Bethel Food Pantry is now located in the Portland Hook & Ladder Co. at 111 State St. in Portland. The phone number is the same, 570-897-5877 Mondays 10:00am-11:30pm & 6:00pm-7:30pm



Salvation Army Food Bank 301 West Main St Pen Argyl 610-863-6677

Tuesday 10am-12n



St. Elizabeth’s/St. Joseph’s Food Bank 260 No Lehigh Ave Wind Gap

 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month 9am-10am



Mission of Love Food Bank 555 No Main St Bangor

2nd and 4th Tuesday 10am-2pm



Bender's Church Food Bank 975 Bender's Church Rd. Pen Argyl

3rd Saturday 9am-11am



EMERGENCY FOOD ONLY Slater Family Network Emergency Pantry 267 Five Pts Richmond Rd Bangor behind DeFranco Elem. 610-599-7019.  The pantry is open to Pen Argyl and Bangor School District residents.  Please bring picture ID.


Please bring proof of residency and photo ID



5 months ago





Holiday Giving Application
Application 2018
Slater Family Network
Holiday Giving Application 2018
Children Age 2 - 12 Eligible

Parent Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________


Phone: (home)______________________________(cell)___________________

Have you or any other family member signed up with any other agency for holiday assistance? Yes No

List ALL ADULTS in the household:

Yes or No
If yes, where?

Continue on back if necessary.

If the adults living in the household have received income from any of the following: Employment, Unemployment, Cash Assistance, Workers Compensation, Disability, Social Security, Child Support or Kinship, and/or Death Benefits. The appropriate proof of income MUST be attached or you will be denied.

Gross Yearly Household Income $____________ (stating “No Income” is not acceptable)

List children living in the home age 2 - 12 ONLY (continue on back if necessary)

Please be specific on the sizing for your children.
For example: Toddlers/Girls/Juniors/Women’s; Boys/Men’s. Please include information for sizing of waist and length for pants, if required.

Date of Birth
Please Be Specific
Please be specific and limit
to 4 items per child

**PLEASE NOTE: Benefactors provide gifts for families. Some benefactors are not able to provide items from the wish list.

Slater Family Network is not able to provide any “high priced” electronics or other items. Please do not include on list.

The focus for Santa Help will be children age 2 - 12 ONLY.

The Holiday Giving Program is an agreement between my family and Slater Family Network. I agree to allow Slater Family Network to share information with agencies and benefactors to assist my family for the Holiday Giving Program. I agree that no member of my family nor I will participate for holiday help with any other agency. This is a confidential program, and I must maintain my family's privacy and confidentiality.

If it is determined that I am registered with any other agency for Christmas help, this Agreement will be terminated immediately. I also agree to pick up my items or arrange with a friend or family for pick up.

Signature: ___________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________

Additional Information




Approved _____________
Denied _____________

You will be notified by November 26, 2018. Please call Mrs. Pruett at 610-599-7019 with any questions.