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Websites for Clearances

Per school district policy, all volunteers must have clearances on file with the school district. Once you receive a copy of your clearances please bring them to the school secretaries to make a photo copy. Please go to the following websites for your clearances: 


 Child Abuse Clearances: (free but you need to register online by clicking on "Create Individual account" fill out your information and pick that you are a Volunteer when it asks)


 For Criminal History: Click on the Yellow button for Volunteers only. After you fill this out online you can print the certificate immediately.


 If you have lived in PA less than 10 years then you also need to be fingerprinted (this will cost you $27.00). When you get to the screen. Click on the link that says "Register Online". You will need to make an account, pay and then print out the form and take it to a Fingerprinting place. The closest one is the UPS store in East Stroudsburg. Take that form, they will digitally fingerprint you and give you back the form. Keep that form as proof that you went to get fingerprinted. Your clearance will be mailed to you.


If you have lived in PA 10 years or more then you do not need to be fingerprinted but you do need to fill out the attached form.



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