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Welcome to the Bangor Area Middle School Literary Magazine!!!!

We are a group of 7th and 8th grade students. Who LOVE poetry and want to bring it alive in BAMS!!!! We are a group of students who stay after school and put in our effort to improve BAMS writing. We take in any writing that anybody wants to submit to us in our suggestion box.
Mission Statement
Literary Magazine Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Bangor Area Middle School Literary Magazine is to bring writing ALIVE in BAMS.

Student Staff

over 2 years ago

Student Staff

-Emma Wortman
-Mia Alicea
-Brianna Carrington
-Emily Lunger
-Justice McNay
-Michael Cowell 
-Faith Jensen 
-Marie Raymond
-Abby McCoy 
-Amanda Kerner
-Jessica Ledergerber 
-Destinee Learn
-Marissa Fernandez Tierney
-Hope Gold 
-Julie Battaglia 
-Jenessa Schreck 
-Savannah Radogna
-Nicolette Kessler 
-Jacob Boos
-Rob Smith 
-Kate Cooper
-Jasmine Newland 
-Fiona Reese 
-Hannah England

Winter 2012

over 2 years ago

Winter 2012


My Snowman


He’s plump and round

His buttons keep falling down

His carrot nose looks like that of a pig's

And his hat is made of fig

The branches that make his arms

They are broken from much harm

He is white with tiny black specks

My brother made sure he has pecs

My snow man loves me and I love him back

He will be there always and that’s a fact




If you ask me a question,I'll ask you one back;

If you talk to me first,I might talk to you back;

If you ask for an honest answer,the truth it would lack;

If you hurt your ankle,I'll laugh behind your back.


But,you ask me to keep my promise,I'll keep my words true;

If you tell me your BF hates you,I'll say "I'm here for you";

If you're killed in gym class,I'll fight the whole way through;

If your say you're too old,I'll say "the world's now too."


So, if you need help on homework,I'll say,"You're cheating;"

If you complain you're fat,I'll say"it's from eating;"

If you run from your fears,you'll be considered defeated;

If you fall down,I'll watch as you're bleeding.


If the world's falling down, and this day is the end.

Well talk together like we're still good friends;

As the world will stay still for a second;

For new friendships have finally beckoned.


                                                   ~Jenessa Schreck


What is my name?


What is my name? 

My friend dosen't get me,

My boyfriend dosen't get it

My brother dosen't understand me,

My teacher dosen't know my name,

My parent won't get my teen years.

They don't know me?

They don't get me?

They don't know my name!


                                                        ~ Marie Raymond


People Have a Heart Every day?.....

Every day there is love?

Every day is violent

Every day there is friendship

Every day is a crude day

Someone tell me.....

What's going on around here.....


                                                       ~ Marie Raymond



Snow's Journey


Slowly spinning

gently drifting




Until they land upon the ground

there they build up and get





How the snow falls




On the ground 

Oh how the snow does fall

                                                       ~Emma Wortman



Winter Rose


There she lay upon the ground

her beauty gone and drowned 


A cold wind blows

her mighty foes


As they approach

the cold does encroach


It brings the frost

and at such a cost


Close to follow is the snow

With it wam must go


While the delicate white blanket falls

Mother Nature calls


She calls them forth and hither

then the last few wilt and wither


But do not fear

the rose will be back again next year


                                                         ~ Emma Wortman


Love was Once a Butterfly :

Love is precious 

Love is one another

Love is in the air

Love is like a butterfly

And that butterfly is looking a me.





Never Again


You used to listen close

We had the same inside jokes 

Made the best of every moment

But I had passed the last difference

Ignoring every thought but now I'm lost! 

Life has gone on and settled wrong 

Once again to the end and never again   






Complete serenity

thumping heart 

smooth breath

Warmth, then sudden cold and left alone


Life is left now you have no regrets

Good to think and a way to enjoy your, silence.




three words

that mean everything

to any girl alive

I love you

~Faith Jensen





In the crystal waters on the sand

There reached a very lonely hand

and it touched my face so pale

and it was cold as the Holy Grail


Then a head appeared in the water

It looked like that of my father

Then a splash and the refelction died

My friend in the water was suddenly dry.

~Jasmine Newland


The Winter Wind



Strong, Cold

Splinning, blowing, freezing

like a sharp painful needle


~Jordyn Taylor


Inspirational Quotes

over 2 years ago

If you're having a mental block and can't think of anything to write here are some helpful insights. Tou are not the only person who has needed someone elses support it happens to everyone and it's nothing to be ashamed of. So if you're just having one of those days take some advice and inspiration from these writers who started out just like you and rose to greatness.

There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein. 

~Walter Wellesley “Red” Smith

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.

~C. S. Lewis

A classic is classic not because it conforms to certain structural rules, or fits certain definitions (of which its author had quite probably never heard). It is classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness.

~Edith Wharton

If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages.

~Elaine Liner

If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.

~Toni Morrison

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.

~Norbet Platt

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

~William Wordsworth

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible.

~Vladimir Nabakov

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.

~Carol Burnett

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.

~Sylvia Plath

Spring 2012

over 2 years ago

Spring 2012


The Soldier


The thought of the day brings tears to one's eyes

The thought of the soldiers just waiting to die

The ones that took just a minute or two

To disappear from the world and from me and from



The gunshots so far but so easy to hear

So loud and so full of fear to the ones that can bear

And the smoke starts to rise and the air not so clear

One by one they drop dead and others know the end is




For one brave soldier whose story isn't so bad

But the story still so very sad

The gun shot, the blood, and the worrisome faces

The wounded soldier's head spinning like a player

                            running the bases.


The shot only hit him in the left leg

But the wound so bad he may be in need of a peg

Though others are dead and he is still alive

He won't be for long until he is one of the many who have died


On the dark, gloomy and rainy next day

The brave and strong solider has now passed away

He is dressed in his uniform, and dressed all in brown

But the solider, now so pale, is put into the ground


Ouich! I scream as I jerk up from my bed

And I realize it was just a dream that I now dread

Now all covered in sweat, I feel the sharp pain

Coming from my own wound on my left leg


I life up the blanket and am stunned by what I see

A bandage wrapped around my own knee

I unwrap the cloth and see the same thing I saw 

                    in my dream

A shot from the gun and I know what's in store for


                                                   -Jordyn Taylor


He is her shining armor prince

and she's hoping one day they'll come to kiss

because in this story, she's the toad

and one day he'll see her all alone

just one hopeful kiss on the cheek

and then true love will be seen

In the chapel soon to be wed

they can't get each other out of their heads

and that night as they go to sleep

in each other's arms they'll peacefully dream

                                                     -Jasmine Newland              



When he's gone, I'll cry with joy

But when you're gone, I'll cry with sadness


When I see him, I'll back away

When I see you, I'll run to my love


When he gabs me, I'm paralyzed with fear

but when you grab me, I'm paralyzed with love 


When I hear him coming, I run and hide 

But when I hear you coming, I'll wait forever


When I love him, the pigs will be flying

But when I love you, It will be eternally heaven. 

                                                             -Kate Cooper   


Love Reborn


There you were I saw you still

I walked up to you against my will


There you were to yourself so true

I must admit I now miss you


There you were your life to live

and me standing there with nothing left to give


There you were under the willow tree

I was wishing for you to truly like me


There you were thinking of something other

I hoped you weren't falling for another


I thoiught you were looking at me in a trance

I thought you would give me antoher chance 

                                                              -Emma Wortman






Soft, sweet

Clear as Day

Feeling blissful,blessed, and







                                                                                           comes fast

                                                                                          Helps your soul,

                                                                                          find its right direction












The sun beats down

from sky so blue

It's hot and fun

and Sunny, too

There's parties and swimming

and baseball, too.

Summer is hot

and so fun, too. 

                 -Courtney Smith   




Walk Away


Screaming, yelling, arguing.

I want it to fade away

Fade away like the

fog on the mirror.


Walking away,

that would be smart.

Quitters walk away

I'm not them.


I walked away,

I came back.

I was right, 

It wasn't wise.


I wish I never walked away, 

Now I have to pay.

The things I missed,

Things I could have stopped.


I won't walk away,

not again.

I won't pay again, 

not for the time I missed. 






When I close my eyes...

I can't help but to cry.


One kiss to settle the storm,

In your arms I am always warm.


Now I wish you were mine

for revenge would be the crime


She stole our love without warning,

Now my guard is up, and I am storming.


I am so sick of crying,

since then my heart has been dying


you're mine, can't you read the sign

"I'm here," was your line


too bad, so sad...

her dad will be the only one crying


Hate me? Date me?

But you can never break me.


-Kaitlyn Caleen



                       Late September


                       I run in a field of blue,

                      where a tree once grew.


                       I laughed at the sky

                      when the rain would make me cry.


                      We sang out to the world

                      where a fuzzy catepillar was curled.


                      The smell of flowers was so sweet

                      We climbed the apple tree so we could eat


                      So long ago the world made sense,

                      but now every house has a barbed wire fence


                     Those were the times I remember 

                     In that late evening in September 


                     Cry a river, build a bridge, get over it

                     then blow it up


                     For I could not bear

                     These memories that were so unfair. 


                           -Kaitlyn Caleen      



Stay Strong


Yells and screams across the room

Nobody listens, what can I do?


Times are rough, but I stay tough.


At times I want to run away

but think of what I'm going to miss

The night sky or the brightness of the day.


Keep my head up high and stay strong 

No matter how big of a mountain you have to climb





What He Did


She looks in the mirror

She piles on make-up

She doesn't care about beauty

She just tries to hide the scars


He's hit her,

Sure he felt bad

That doesn't matter

She never even complains


She stays because she loves him

Nobody knows why.

She won't leave

She won't fight back. 


The excuses she makes

Says she deserved it.

Sometimes she wonders

Why should I stay?


What he did

Isn't okay

It wasn't defense

It was abuse.

                               -Faith Jensen  



I say hi every time I see you

All you do is smile

I try to talk to you

You just walk away

I told you I loved you

You felt the same way

But alas we're just friends

                                 -Mary Furman





fun, loving

sleeping, playing, barking

I love my dog


              -Amanda Konicki




                                                                             Fun, exciting

                                                                           Pitching, batting, fielding

                                                                              Best sport on earth



                                                                                           -Anthony Sciavone




Fast, noisy

racing, jumping, wheelies 

wind through my hair


                              -Nikki Kessler 





                                                   yellow, loud

                                           speeding, turning, jumping

                                                  tearing up grass


                                                              -Robert Beers 





quiet, calm

casting, reeling, catching

catch of a lifetime


       -Matt Shipps 



                                       scary, invigorating

                                    dates, hugs, smiling

                                     love is always kind


                                                    -Faith Jensen 



nice, cool

swimming, diving, fun

let's go swimming


              -Emme Lentine 


Ice Cream

cold, sweet

freezing, melting, eating

my favorite is mint chocolate chip


                        -Marie Refvik



Green, stout

hopping, ribbiting, wandering

wondering where he is going


           -Jessica Ledergerber




Stadium overcrowded by hooligans and fans

Waving flags and clapping hands


Players on the field, they're ready to start

There goes the whislte it pumps up their hearts


Adding strength to the ball and kicking it high

the ball travels up, how beautiful it flies


The goalie misses the ball, it's now in the net

There's a moment of peace, now this goalie really needs a diet.


A player's life fulfilled is playing world class

To play all year on the rich green grass 


                   -Mikayla Garzillo




There once was a girl named Abby

Who sometimes could be quite gabby

She loves Justin Bieber

Always a Beliber

Because he makes her so happy!


                   -Abby McCoy



I'm not very good at writing poems.

They never even rhyme.

Third line of the poem.

Fourth line.


I hope this isn't graded.

If it is I'll get an F. 

I'm not even sure if this fits "poem criteria" 

I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong. 

It's okay. My English grade is good. 


I guess I'll try again.

Maybe later. 

                                 -Amanda Karner      




Deer tracks all over

I wonder where they lead to?

I might never know  


    Sapsucker please stop

     Banging on the rain gutter

     Your life must be harsh

                                      -Viktoria Swanson




I'm a banana

Banana power time yeah!

Super Banana

                                     -Tyler Hull                    


Trees sway in the wind

The leaves change color in the fall

Fall is beautiful

                                     -Emily Learn


                                                                              Cool River Water

                                                                            I place my toes in the sand

                                                                         Chills creep up my back

                                                                                       -Savannah Radogna



Wake up to sunshine

Birds Singing a lovely tune

A beautiful day

               -Jordyn Taylor


                                                           Like the rain, I leave

                                                         But like the sun, I'll be here

                                                          Forever, always.

                                                                         -Remi Bernardi


The only one there

Middle of its surroundings

The number zero

                      -Emily Lunger



Who You See


The girl you see, 

doesn't exist.

The girl you see

just isn't me.


You see someone happy,

You see someone nice.

That isn't her.

And she isn't me.


She was born to perform,

that's why you can't see 

Who you see,

isn't me.


No one will ever see,

not unless they stay 

if they would stay for over a day

they may get to see


Who you see, 

Isn't me. 

   -Faith Jensen


Waiting For Spring


Looking out my window

At this time every day

Waiting for the moment

when winter drifts away


nearly all the housetops

are dovered white with snow

It's the middle of March

And winter winds still blow


Until one day I look outside

And finally I see green

There's no more ice or wind any more

The sidewalks are now clean


Eaglerly I jump away

from the window where I once sat

I run outside with only a jacket

No scarf, no gloves, no hat


I go outside and look around

For once, I see a bird

Fianlly, I make it official

I think of this one word




        -Jessica Ledergerber


Cleaning my Room


My mom is so annoying

Constatly yelling at me to clean my messy room

Cleaning up everything and sweeping it with a broom

This will take forever! 


I start with picking up all the socks and shoes 

Maybe I'll play some Christmas blues

After that I'l lpick up my hat

Next It's time to pick up the rest of my clothes


I promise I'll take an oath

An oath to keep my room clean

I'll be no messy bean 

As dusk falls into the night


I'm making sure everything's all fit and tight 

Stuffing all this into my closet

Finally all done

My mom comes in and opens the closet door

What another mess it has become on my floor

                                         -Marie Refvik