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over 2 years ago

**If you are interested in participating on the team in the 2014-2015 season, please contact Ms. Derry in room 148**

Regular practice sessions will be held on Wednesdays beginning at 2:15 pm. If you can't make the practice sessions, see Ms. Derry to make other arrangements that will help you prepare for competitions.


If you like to act, recite poetry/prose, give speeches, or debate, then this is the group for you. Team members choose one event in which to compete.  Competitions are in tournaments with students from other school districts.  Come out and show your Slater Pride by using your voice!!


The goal of the Bangor Area High School Speech & Debate Team is to provide a supportive learning environment that encourages students to reach their potential in expressing themselves verbally. Through feedback from peers and the team adviser, students will take their public speaking skills to the next level by competing against other school districts!


There’s Something for Just About Everyone:

  • Novice Debate
  • Lincoln Douglas  Debate
  • Cross-Exam Debate
  • Public Forum Debate
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Commentary
  • Persuasive Speaking  
  • Informative Speaking  
  • Oral Interpretation of Prose  
  • Oral Interpretation of Poetry  
  • Dramatic Interpretation  
  • Humorous Interpretation  
  • Duo Interpretation  
  • Impromptu Speaking  
  • Radio Announcing  
  • Drama Festival


Volunteers Needed

over 2 years ago

In order to participate in the Speech and Debate tournaments, the  
Bangor team  will need to bring volunteer judges. If you are a 
parent,  teacher, or speech  & debate team alumni and are 
interested in  judging during these exciting  events, please contact 
the team's adviser,  Kara Derry, via email at  



BASD Board has a policy which requires all volunteers involved with school activities to obtain clearances. Our Speech and Debate Team MUST bring judges to the tournaments, so please submit your application to obtain the clearances as soon as possible. Clearances should be submitted directly to me. If you have current clearances (obtained within the past few months, then send a copy to me). You will need a child abuse clearance and criminal background check; they each cost $10.00.

Here is the link for the online PA criminal background check:


The child abuse clearance must be sent out via U.S. mail quickly because it can take a few weeks to obtain. The criminal background check can be obtained online.

In addition, please complete, sign, and submit the attached "Arrest and Conviction" form to me.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may address them to Ms. Tami Gary or Dr. Frank DeFelice.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!!

Yes! We will train you. Tournaments will take place on Saturdays.

There will NOT be a judges' lounge with free food or food for sale at any of the ADFL tournaments.  Students and volunteers need to "brown bag-it."