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Remediation and Test Prep

over 2 years ago

The Keystone Exam is taken as an end of course assessment to measure their knowledge and comprehension of the course related material. As the State transitioned from PSSA Exams to Keystone Exams, students may have been given the Exam after they had already taken the class. The State is allowing students to re-test if they have been offered supplementary instruction, and may retest until the May administration of their Junior year. 

Students who need to re-test have been scheduled to re-test during the semester when they have Math or English classes to give them an added benefit. Students who tested for Biology at the end of the 1st semester and did not meet proficiency, but were close, will re-test in May.

Students who are new to the district, or changed their classes might be scheduled for testing/re-testing in May without currently being in the subject that is being tested.

Test Prep- students who are scheduled to take the Algebra 1 and/or Biology Keystone Assessment will need to attend the mandatory TEST PREP sessions the dates before their required exams. Students will receive their individual test schedule information the week of the scheduled Exams.