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Business Curriculum Council

The mission of the Bangor Area School District Community in the area of Business Education is to provide evolving educational opportunities that develop interpersonal, collaborative, problem solving, and leadership skills for a free enterprise society.



  • Business education courses provide a foundation for success from the classroom to the world of work for all students.
  • The business education curriculum provides understanding of how the American economy operates and the role business plays.
  • The skills of writing, listening, and speaking are important components of all business education courses which transform students into marketable employees.
  • Business education courses enable students to think, make decisions, simulate the real world, and apply academic subject matter.
  • Business-related computer courses enable students to use computers in an efficient and productive manner.


1.     Students should communicate effectively as writers, listeners, and speakers.

2.     Students should develop career awareness, make career choices, and become employable in a variety of careers.

3.     Students should function as economically literate and financially responsible citizens.

4.     Students should apply principles of law in personal and business settings.

5.     Students should recognize the interrelationships of different areas of business.

6.     Students should prepare for further education and lifelong learning.


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